Now on air in Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, and soon in Ohio!

About the 2016 Committee

In August of 2013, The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee was launched to convince Dr. Ben Carson to run for President of the United States.

We collected and delivered more than 550,000 petitions and clamorings to Dr. Carson.

At first he laughed our efforts off, but with the help of more than 200,000 supporters and more than 36,000 volunteers, as well as our paid staff whose numbers rose to more than 100 during the height of the campaign, eventually he heard our call and announced his candidacy in May of last year.

That’s when we changed our name to The 2016 Committee.

Unfortunately, Ben Carson pulled out of the race in March, stating:

Small thumb image of Ben Carson

“You know, there’s a lot of people who love me, they just won’t vote for me.”

— Ben Carson

A New Initiative

We, and his hundreds of thousands of supporters were disappointed, but feel proud that we pulled off the second successful true draft effort in the history of the United States.

And though we began this effort with only one goal:  electing Dr. Ben Carson as the next President of the United States, now that Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, we are committed to keeping Hillary Clinton from occupying the White House.  That’s why we have launched what we’re calling, The Victory Campaign.

Unless we unite as a party and work our hearts out to defeat Hillary Clinton, we will sentence our children and their children to “a thousand years of darkness” as Ronald Reagan said. We’re going all out to defeat Hillary Clinton by electing Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. It’s either Hillary or Donald and when put in those stark terms, we are foursquare behind defeating Hillary Clinton and electing Donald Trump.

“How anybody who thinks of themselves as a conservative could say, ‘I’d rather have Hillary Clinton,’ is just insane.”

— Newt Gingrich

The goal of the Victory Project is to reach out to African American voters in the eight so-called swing states, using the late Richard Nadler’s proven approach, that will decide who wins the White House. Those swing states are Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado and New Mexico.

We have begun the process by first targeting North Carolina and Ohio, two must win states. If Donald Trump loses in either of these states he will lose to Hillary Clinton. We need your help in reaching our first goal of funding radio advertising in North Carolina and Ohio—about $700,000.

Your dollars, no matter the amount, are critical to the success of this effort to insure the defeat of Hillary Clinton. Would you make a donation today?

God bless you, and God bless America!

Signature of John Philip Sousa IV
John Philip Sousa, IV
National Chairman